Frequently Asked, Quickly Answered

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General FAQ

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How do you pronounce "ramen"?

It’s at the top of the list because we actually get this question a lot. The proper pronunciation is “rah-men,” not “ray-men.” But we won’t judge (as long as you’re not talking with your mouth full).

Where are your products made?

Here in the U.S., we have two manufacturing facilities: Gardena, California, and Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

Do you sell seasoning packets separately?

We currently don't have plans to sell the seasoning separately. (We’re a noodle company after all.) But we continue to develop new product offerings based on consumer input.

Where do I get in touch if I have an issue with a product?

Oh, no. We're sorry to hear that. Please contact us here and we'll do our best to remedy the problem ASAP.

Where can I find your current job opportunities?

Please see our Careers page to view our latest job openings and to submit your resume online.

What if my question isn’t answered here?

We want to make sure you love our products, so please contact us with any additional questions here.

Product FAQ

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Is it safe to eat the Top Ramen noodles without putting them in boiling water first?

Some people enjoy breaking up Top Ramen to snack on like potato chips or to sprinkle on top of salads. Since the noodles are already cooked, they are totally safe.

How can I cut down on the salt content of Top Ramen?

Use only a portion of the seasoning packet to flavor to your liking. Or simply add your own blend of spices.

Where can I find delicious Top Ramen recipes?

For our official collection of 175 recipes, you can order the TOP RAMEN Noodle Cookbook, while supplies last, by sending a check to Nissin Foods for $3.95 for postage and handling to:

  • Nissin Foods USA
  • 2001 W. Rosecrans Avenue
  • Gardena, CA 90249
  • Attn: Cookbook Offer

Or if you can’t wait, follow us on Facebook and Instagram for amazing ideas right now.

Where can I learn about the new Cup Noodles recipe?

Lower sodium. No added MSG or artificial flavors. Learn more here.

Does the new Cup Noodles taste the same?

Fans told us they love it just as much as the original recipe. But there’s really only one way to find out. Try it for yourself!

Ingredients FAQ

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Do you have any vegetarian products?

Indeed! Our Top Ramen Soy Sauce and Chili flavors contain no animal products.

Do you have any gluten-free products?

We currently don't have any gluten-free options. But we continue developing new products based on consumer input.

Does Cup Noodles contain any artificial colors?

Cup Noodles contains no FDA-certified synthetic colors.

Do you use 100% sustainable Palm Oil?

Nissin Foods USA is proud to be the first major instant ramen manufacturer to commit to buying 100% mass balance, certified sustainable palm oil in all the products we produce.

Do you use TBHQ in your products?

Many of our products contain tertiary butylhydroquinone (TBHQ), which acts as an antioxidant and helps extend shelf life.

Cup Noodles Very Veggie FAQ

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Why did you decide to develop the Cup Noodles Very Veggie line?

After hot sauce, vegetables are the second most commonly added item to instant ramen cups. So for those fans who asked for even more in their Cup Noodles, we developed a line with a full cup of vegetables per serving. 

How are you defining one full serving of vegetables?

We used guidelines supported by the American Heart Association and the USDA to ensure that the Cup Noodles Very Veggie products are delivering one full serving of vegetables. 

Each cup of Cup Noodles Very Veggie contains ¼ cup of dehydrated vegetables that rehydrates to one full serving (½ cup equivalent).

Are you using more of the vegetables used in regular Cup Noodles, or have you added new vegetables to Cup Noodles Very Veggie?

Cup Noodles Very Veggie has more carrots and corn, as well as edamame, green beans and broccoli.

Is the Cup Noodles Very Veggie cup microwavable? Are the other Cup Noodles cups not safe to put in the microwave?

The new Cup Noodles Very Veggie uses microwave-friendly packaging. For our classic Cup Noodles, it remains in a foam container and should not be placed in the microwave.

Why don’t you have a vegetarian option for Very Veggie?

As a first step, we wanted to provide a Cup Noodles product that tasted very similar to the original product, but offered a full serving of vegetables. If we receive a positive consumer response, the line could grow to include a vegetarian option. 

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Packaging FAQ

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Why is Cup Noodles in a Styrofoam cup and not cardboard?

Our Styrofoam cups prevent heat from escaping and protect the consumer. The Styrofoam is recyclable at designated facilities.

Where can I find the "best by" date on your products?

Hot & Spicy, Souper Meal: On the bottom of the bowl.

Chow Mein: On the shrink film on the front side of the container.

Cup Noodles: On the bottom of the paper sleeve or the side of the carton.

Cup Noodles Homestyle: On the bottom of the cup or the side of the carton.

Cup Noodles Very Veggie: On the bottom of the cup or the side of the carton.

Ramen Bowl: On the shrink film on the bottom of the bowl.

Top Ramen: On the back of the package or the side of the carton.

RAOH: On the back of the package or the side of the carton.