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Speaking to all of the go-getters out there who are living with urgency, ignoring the naysayers, and warming up for something much, much bigger, The Original Cup Noodles is proud to be the 3-minute-meal that keeps them going. Warm up to the campaign by watching the video. Then enjoy even more Cup Noodles fun at our new tumblr.

Authentic Japanese Classic Ramen in three delicious flavors!

Nissin RAOH makes it easy for anyone to make authentic restaurant-quality Japanese ramen at home. Nissin combines authentic, traditional flavors found in ramen restaurants with our most innovative noodles, bring the premium restaurant experience to your home.

Challenge The World

Manchester United are not satisfied until they reach the top. As a partner company, Nissin Foods seeks to ignite the spirit of challenge across the globe. Nissin Foods Group challenge the world with Manchester United.

The Hungry to Win website is now live!

Check out Ramen Bowl's new packaging - it's the paper that's making news!

A big part of what makes Ramen Bowl so popular is the built-in convenience of its bowl-shaped packaging. Now we’ve managed to make enjoying Ramen Bowl even easier by switching from foam to new microwavable paper packaging. It’s the same great ramen noodle soup, only easier to prepare and serve!