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August 14, 2017
Cup Noodles® Announces Very Veggie™ Launch: The First Instant Noodle Cup with One Full Serving of Vegetables

posted 2 years ago
"Become irreplaceable." - Momofuku Ando
posted 2 years ago


Cup Noodles® Announces Very Veggie™ Launch: The First Instant Noodle Cup with One Full Serving of Vegetables

The Inventors of Instant Ramen Continue to Innovate, Inspired By Consumer Feedback

(Gardena, Calif. – Aug. 14, 2017) – Today, Cup Noodles announces the launch of their first-ever instant noodle cup containing one full serving of vegetables:1 Cup Noodles Very Veggie. Following last year’s landmark recipe change, which featured a significant sodium content reduction and the removal of artificial flavors and added MSG,2 the Nissin Cup Noodles launch of Very Veggie shows that the brand continues to be a category leader in innovation. As consumers look for ways to include more vegetables in their daily diet, Cup Noodles Very Veggie is the first and only instant noodle cup to feature one full serving of vegetables.

The new Cup Noodles Very Veggie is available in three flavors – Chicken, Spicy Chicken and Beef – and each will feature a full serving of vegetables with a mix of edamame, carrots, broccoli, corn, green beans, cabbage, red bell pepper and tomatoes (vegetables vary per flavor). This product extension speaks to increased consumer demand for vegetables, while maintaining the same great taste fans have adored for years. Like the original Cup Noodles, it also has no added MSG2 or artificial flavors. Additionally, the new Cup Noodles Very Veggie products come in a microwavable cup – perfect for hungry consumers in a rush.

The three main factors preventing Americans (47 percent) from eating more vegetables regularly are price, time and taste.3 At 99 cents per cup, 3 minutes for preparation, and with a taste that consumers love – Cup Noodles Very Veggie provides an affordable, quick, and delicious solution for consumers looking to up their vegetable intake.

“We believe in listening to our consumers, and following our recipe change last year, the number one consumer request was more vegetables – so that’s what we’ve done,” said Leslie Mohr, vice president of marketing of Nissin Foods USA. “We’ve taken our beloved Cup Noodles product and kept the noodle amount the same – we’ve just added more vegetables! We all know we need to be eating more vegetables, and we’re thrilled to be rolling out a product that allows consumers to do that easily.”

For more than 45 years, Nissin has continued to demonstrate its commitment to providing consumers with a delicious, affordable meal and is constantly evolving its products to align with consumer preferences. With the addition of Cup Noodles Very Veggie, Nissin is providing consumers with yet another great product that meets their expectation of a delicious taste, and goes beyond their expectations with a full serving of vegetables.

Consumers can now find the new product at many food retailers, including Albertsons/Safeway, 7- Eleven, Food Lion, ShopRite, BJ’s and 99 Cents Only.

About Nissin Foods

Nissin Food Products Co. Ltd. was established by Momofuku Ando in 1958, who invented the first instant ramen noodle in Japan. In 1970, they established Nissin Foods (USA) Co., Inc. in Gardena, California, introducing ramen noodles to U.S. consumers. In 1971, the company invented Cup Noodles, and revolutionized the industry by making it possible to package, prepare and serve noodles all in the same container. For nearly 60 years, Nissin Foods has been providing consumers with quick and delicious meal solutions.

In the U.S., Nissin Foods USA develops and markets a variety of products including Hot & Spicy, Chow Mein, Cup Noodles®, Ramen Bowl, RAOH, Souper Meal® and Top Ramen®, uniquely positioning them to meet the needs of today’s busy lifestyles. The company’s corporate philosophy inspires commitment to taste, convenience and quality.


Each cup of Very Veggie contains 1⁄4 cup of dehydrated vegetables that rehydrates to one full serving (1⁄2 cup equivalent)

Note: product contains small amounts of naturally occurring glutamates 

"Eighty Four Percent of Americans Aren't Eating Enough Vegetables But Nearly Half Can't Tell You Why”; Harris Poll Research 

"Be childlike and always ask 'Why?'" - Momofuku Ando