"Always look around you with a great deal of curiosity." - Momofuku Ando

Nissin Foods is proud to announce our Gold Certification from the Green Business Bureau (GBB) for our US corporate offices. As the trusted authority in eco-friendly business, the GBB helps companies to prioritize, implement and certify green initiatives and sustainable practices throughout their organization.

Nissin Foods USA’s sustainability journey includes our commitment to responsibly sourced palm oil, the installation of solar panels at our Gardena, CA, offices, and a host of other forward-thinking initiatives. Since our founder, Momofuku Ando, invented the first instant noodles to help feed people during the food shortage after World War II, “Serving Society” has stood as a pillar of Nissin Foods’ commitment to the global community. Now after more than 50 years here in the United States, we’re not simply reflecting on past accomplishments. We’re pushing forward to enact programs to help sustain future generations.

"Food is a peace industry." - Momofuku Ando