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Making Products Better for You

"Be childlike and always ask 'Why?'" - Momofuku Ando

We know that you are much more informed about your health than ever and expect food companies to make products that not only taste great, but also fit your nutritional needs. That’s why, for the first time in recent history, Cup Noodles took a step forward in improving its ingredients by reducing sodium, removing added MSG and removing artificial flavors.

After a series of blind taste tests with people who frequently eat Cup Noodles, results revealed that consumers liked the newer, healthier version of Cup Noodles just as much. Nutritional changes include:

Nissin is committed to providing a delicious, affordable meal and is constantly evolving its products to meet your expectations, and will continue on our journey to improve the food you love.

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*Contains small amounts of naturally occurring glutamates in ingredients such as soy sauce, tomato and red chili pepper

"Be meticulous, yet bold." - Momofuku Ando