"Become irreplaceable." - Momofuku Ando

Our hearts go out to everyone facing adversity in Ukraine and neighboring countries. To help feed refugees in the region, Nissin Foods has made a million-dollar donation to the World Food Programme to support its emergency response.

Together with the World Instant Noodles Association, Nissin has also pledged 100,000 packages of instant noodles, which will be delivered via the local Red Cross to those in need.

Our continued humanitarian outreach is based in our founder Momofuku Ando’s corporate philosophy of “Shoku-i Sei-shoku.” (Food-related jobs are a sacred profession.) It is our mission to contribute to society and the earth by sustaining human life with our foods.

Nissin employees around the world share a united hope for peace. We continue to follow this quickly evolving situation and pledge to provide necessary support to those who are suffering.

"Be childlike and always ask 'Why?'" - Momofuku Ando